Adam M Milewski

Position: Associate Professor and Associate Department Head in the Department of Geology

Email: Phone: 706-542-4263

Education: Ph.D. in Hydrogeology 2008, Western Michigan University; B.S. in Geology 2004, SUNY at Buffalo

About: Dr. Milewski’s research focuses primarily on complex and interrelated geologic and environmental problems using field-based data, remote sensing techniques, and numerical models. His research weaves together three interconnected threads related to water resources: addressing issues pertaining to the sources, distribution, sinks, fluxes, and mechanisms of groundwater recharge on local and regional scales; development and assessment of hydrologic models using both field-based data and cost-effective technologies to quantify, forecast, and better understand water resources; and advancing the science of satellite applications in hydrology and geology. Dr. Milewski research focuses primarily in arid to semi-arid environments or within data-sparse environments.