Dr. Darold Batzer

Darold Batzer in the wetlands at the Iron Horse Farm. Photo by Dorothy Kozlowski

Position: Professor in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Department of Entomology

Email: dbatzer@uga.edu Phone: 706-542-2301

Education: Ph.D. 1991, University of California Berkeley, Department of EntomologyAbout: Dr. Batzer works on various aspects of the ecology of invertebrates from freshwater wetlands. He is particularly interested in the roles that invertebrates play in wetland food webs including predator-prey relationships and plant-invertebrate interactions. As many wetland invertebrates are important components of bird and fish diets, Darold often interacts with wildlife biologists. Much of his work takes place in habitats that are being managed for waterfowl and waterbirds. Additionally, he has a long-standing interest in mosquito ecology, and he works to devise ecologically sound strategies to manage these populations in marshes.