Dr. Jennifer Rice

Position: Associate Professor in the Department of Geography

Email: jlrice@uga.edu Phone: 706-542-2910

Education: Ph.D. in Geography 2009, University of Arizona; M.A. in Geography 2005, Ohio State University; B.S. in Geography 2003, Texas State University

About: Dr. Rice’s work examines the intersection of the state, society, and science through issues of environmental governance. Drawing broadly on political ecology, urban political geography, and science-policy studies, she attempts to understand the relationship between “nature” (as the non-human), state practices, and social institutions. All of her research considers the effects of environmental policies and programs on urban governance, sustainable development, environmental citizenship, and notions of expertise. Dr. Rice is also working to more fully connect her research on environmental governance to the people (residents, activists, decision-makers) in an effort to help promote new forms of democratic science and policy-making. Her projects have ranged from localized environmental issues (such as sewer overflows in Columbus, Ohio and non-timber forest product gathering in New England) to international concerns (such as global climate change and ecological conservation in India). She works with a variety of groups, including public officials, activist organizations, climate scientists, and community residents. Dr. Rice employs mixed methods in her research and draw upon both human and physical geography.