Dr. John Schacke

Position: Part-time Assistant Professor in the Odum School of Ecology

Email: schacke@uga.edu Phone: 706-542-1663 or 706-583-2096

About: In 2004, Dan Odell and Dr. Schacke started a small, self-funded photo-identification study of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in the previously unstudied waterways around St. Catherine’s and Sapelo Islands on the Georgia coast. They used personal photo equipment and a borrowed boat until receiving much needed support from the St. Catherine’s Island Foundation a couple years later. This support allowed them to stage surveys from the island, and provided them with boats, fuel, and lodging. It also allowed them to expand their survey area, conducting surveys on a more consistent basis and beginning to involve students from UGA into their program. In 2010, they were awarded a grant from the Georgia Aquarium which enabled them to buy and rig a used boat suited to their research environment appropriate and invest in necessary equipment and software. Since then Drs. Schacke and Odell have conducted surveys on all major tidal waterways between St. Catherine’s and Sapelo Sounds, involving over 60 undergraduate and graduate students in the program.