Dr. Raven Bier

Position: Assistant Research Scientist at Savannah River Ecology Laboratory; Courtesy Faculty and Graduate Faculty in the Odum School of Ecology

Email: rbier@srel.uga.edu Phone: 803-725-9726

Education: Ph.D. in Ecology, Duke University; B.A. in Biology, Carleton College​

About: Dr. Bier’s research explores connections between microbial ecology and biogeochemistry in freshwater ecosystems and at the terrestrial-aquatic interface. She is invested in learning how microbial communities ameliorate or exacerbate the effects of anthropogenic stressors to aquatic ecosystems including from stormwater runoff and due to landuse change. Her prior work has examined the consequences of alkaline coal mine drainage from mountaintop mines in Central Appalachia, and runoff from agricultural crop fields under different managements in southeastern Pennsylvania.  Current work in the Bier lab includes studying microbial community structure and function in contaminated streams and restored wetlands with the goal of using this knowledge to reclaim and preserve freshwater resources.