Dr. Susana Ferreira

Position: Associate Professor in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics

Email: sferreir@uga.edu Phone: 706-542-0086

Education: Ph.D. in Economics 2004, University of California-San Diego; M.A. in Economics 2002, University of California-San Diego; B.S. from Universidad de Navarra 1997

About: Dr. Ferreira is an environmental and natural resource economist. Her teaching and research are motivated by the interactions between the economy and the environment and by the application of the principles of economics to understanding and optimizing how environmental and natural resources are developed and managed. Her current research interests are divided between two primary areas. The first focuses on the economic causes and effects of natural disasters, with an emphasis on hydro-meteorological events, and valuation of social and economic outcomes brought on by environmental change on both micro and macro scales. In the second area, Dr. Ferreira has pioneered the use of innovative tools for the measurement of economic and social progress by considering subjective well-being indicators and their determinants, environmental factors in particular.