For Clients & Partners

Many of the River Basin Center’s projects are initiated by clients and partners who come to us with specific research or policy needs. Examples include:

  • Local governments who want assistance in developing policies for balancing natural resource conservation and economic development;
  • Federal agencies looking for a research partner to study climate effects on fish;
  • Nongovernmental organizations looking for objective analysis of policies, or a synthesis of the science underlying policies;
  • Consulting firms interested in partnering with faculty and staff at the University of Georgia on water-oriented proposals and contracts.

These projects may be large or small. Small projects sometimes form the basis for graduate student research projects in the Environmental Practicum course, or individual student research projects. In these cases we are usually able to provide services without charge. Large projects that require substantial resources must be externally funded via grants, contracts, and fee-for-service work (see How We’re Funded).

We pride ourselves in providing objective, scientifically based information. When contacted about a potential project, we work to identify appropriate faculty, staff and students to do the work from among our many partner units on campus (see People for a list of our most active faculty members, as well as our staff and students). We also regularly work with external partners when needed for a particular project or problem.

If you’re interested in working with the River Basin Center, please contact us by email or phone using the contact information at the bottom of the page.

The Oconee River in Athens. Photo by Andrew Davis Tucker.