For Students

One of the core missions of the River Basin Center is to provide training for future aquatic resource professionals. Much of this happens in the form of experiential learning.

Specific opportunities include:

  • For graduate students: Pursuing a masters or PhD degree while working on a River Basin Center project under the guidance of one of our directors, faculty members, or advisory board members (see People). Many of our students pursue a master’s degree in Conservation Ecology and Sustainable Development in the Odum School of Ecology (link) or a PhD in Integrative Conservation (ICON).
    • Become a Student Affiliate of the River Basin Center: The RBC has now launched an official graduate student affiliate program! Student affiliates are exclusively eligible for the RBC’s new small grants for graduate students– the John Spencer Research Grants. At least two of grants of up to $2000 will be awarded annually. More information on the grants program is here. To become a student affiliate, just fill out the form here.
  • For law students and graduate students: taking the Environmental Practicum, an experiential learning course co-taught by RBC co-director Laurie Fowler.
  • For graduate, law or undergraduate students: Conducting an internship or research project with an RBC faculty or staff member.
  • For graduate students or undergraduates: Volunteering to help with field research, laboratory research, or assist on other projects.

In addition, we occasionally advertise specific opportunities for staff positions, postdoctoral associates, and graduate students.

Environmental Practicum students kayaking on the Satilla, spring 2004.