Katie Hill selected for IGEL class of 2018


Katie Hill selected for IGEL class of 2018

Atlanta, GA, May 24, 2018 – The Institute for Georgia Environmental Leadership (IGEL) has selected Katie Hill as one of 33 outstanding participants for its 2018 class.  These individuals will join a diverse network of statewide leaders consistently collaborating to solve Georgia’s environmental challenges. IGEL is a nonprofit dedicated to yearly collaboration among a diverse network of statewide leaders working to solve Georgia’s environmental challenges.

“We are extremely pleased with the members of this year’s class which follows IGEL’s long tradition of identifying and selecting a diverse and unique mix of Georgia’s future leaders in the environmental industry,” says Jamie Henderson, with truGround Environmental, LLC, the outgoing Chair of the IGEL Board of Directors.

The IGEL experience is a personal and professional development program that takes classes through multiple sessions around the state, exposing them to the pressing environmental concerns as well as the vast potential, that exist in each region of Georgia.

Stacey Isaac Berahzer, with I B Environmental, LLC (previously with the Environmental Finance Center), is the new Chair of the IGEL Board. “This month, we are very excited to welcome the seventeenth IGEL class,” Berahzer says. “Our first session will be in the Atlanta metro area, but over the next twelve months, our 2018 class will contend with the gnats in the peak of summer in Southwest Georgia, explore the habitat of native fish in the rivers of the North Georgia mountains, and learn about the environmental challenges facing the unique communities on Georgia’s coast.”

The program emphasizes hands-on learning opportunities to master new skills through practice.

About IGEL:  IGEL is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization facilitating leadership in collaborative problem-solving to preserve and enhance the environment in the state of Georgia. You can learn more about IGEL at http://www.igeleaders.org/