USACE Releases New Mitigation SOP


USACE Releases New Mitigation SOP

The U.S. Army Corps Savannah District released its proposed Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Compensatory Mitigation on April 27, 2018.  While the 2004 SOP was developed to provide a consistent methodology assessing wetland, stream, and open water impacts and mitigation activities, this SOP will be used to determine how much compensatory mitigation Clean Water Act Section 404 permittees must provide for their permitted impacts to aquatic resources (streams and wetlands).  It will also be used to determine how many compensatory mitigation credits are provided to mitigation banks – large-scale mitigation projects used to compensate for most Section 404 impacts in Georgia.  This SOP will replace the existing 2004 SOP that was the subject of a recent River Basin Center analysis – No Net Loss in the U.S. Army Corps Savannah District.  Savannah District regulatory personnel utilized recommendations from that analysis, which found that the District was not requiring enough mitigation for stream impacts, when developing the new SOP.

This SOP is currently being released for a one-year initial implementation and testing period, during which time public comments will be accepted.  The SOP will be finalized after this one-year testing period.

The SOP can be found at:

Uploaded 5/2/2018 | Text: Katie Hill and Cyra Malec