Watershed Learning Network

River Basin Center affiliate Krista Capps is working to generate a curriculum that converts the lessons created by ECO-Actions and the West Atlanta Watershed Alliance into an online resource available for others living in urban communities throughout the globe.

ECO-Action’s mission is to promote a safe and healthy environment by helping not only the general population, but vulnerable communities, to organize to address environmental health hazards. In the past few years, ECO-Actions has collaborated with American Rivers, West Atlanta Watershed Alliance, The Conservation Fund, Park Pride, Community Improvement Association, and Metro Atlanta Urban Watershed Institute. Working to build capacity and develop leadership for green infrastructure, these collaborative efforts have evolved into the Atlanta Watershed Learning Network. The goal of the partnership between ECO-Action and the West Atlanta Watershed Alliance is to provide a way for residents to gain knowledge about the causes of storm-water flooding, the health and economic impacts that offloading caused their communities, and how they can be empowered to advocate for sustainable solutions to these problems. The Atlanta Watershed Learning Network is bringing together people from Proctor Creek and Intrenchment Creek – two of Atlanta’s most impacted watersheds. The Learning Network is about building relationships between residents and private/public stakeholders, including people at all levels, individually and collectively.

For more information on how to get involved or create your own opportunities regarding the Watershed Learning Network, visit:  http://wln.ecology.uga.edu/