Applying for Jobs

Searching and Applying for Natural and Water Resource Positions

  1. Build your resume
    • Use a template from the UGA Career Center and schedule a free consultation with a specialist to discuss your resume
    • If you’re interested in a federal government internship or job, use the USAjobs Resume Builder to make sure you include all the information Federal agencies are looking for
  2. Arrange for 3-5 references and let them know when you apply for positions
  3. Search for positions
  4. Once you’ve found a job posting that interests you, customize your resume and build your application package
    • Update the resume template you’ve already built to better match with the job description. Use the job announcement’s vocabulary!
    • Include a cover letter to detail some of your strengths and also explain any gaps in your resume
    • Contact your references (if necessary) to let them know you’re applying
    • Unofficial transcripts can be accessed through your Athena account