Join Us

Anyone involved in freshwater science or policy may apply to serve as an affiliate of the River Basin Center. The only requirement is that members demonstrate they are active in the center by one of the following mechanisms:

  • Serving on the advisory board and attending at least one board meeting per year;
  • Participating in an externally funded project in which the RBC is designated for center credit within the last five years;
  • Submitting a grant (whether funded or not) with the RBC designated for center credit within the last five years (Note: the RBC does not receive overhead returns, so this designation carries no financial obligation).

Benefits of serving as a member of the RBC include:

  • Opportunities to collaborate on the grants and externally funded contracts with other RBC faculty and staff;
  • Priority access to the RBC conference room and the RBC webinar/conference call account, by reservation with Wendy Paulsen, office manager;
  • Opportunities to sponsor graduate students for the RBC’s Butler Fellowship

Those interested in becoming an affiliate should contact center co-director, Seth Wenger or communications coordinator Sarah Buckleitner.