Effectiveness of Porous Paving in the Georgia Piedmont

A variety of best management practices (BMPs) exist to reduce the amount of runoff and pollutant loads entering streams. One of these is porous pavements. Porous pavements allow precipitation to infiltrate through the pavement to the soil, mimicking natural soil conditions.

Despite these benefits, porous pavements are not widely used in Georgia or the United States because of uncertainty about their performance. Graduate Assistant Erin Dreelin investigated the efficacy of porous pavements in controlling stormwater runoff for her 2004 PhD dissertation. She conducted on-site monitoring of porous and impervious parking lots and field experiments to evaluate the effectiveness of porous pavements in reducing stormwater runoff in comparison to traditional impervious pavements, as well as evaluating different preparation methods. The results of the analyses were used to make recommendations on the use of porous pavements in the Georgia Piedmont.

porous paving demo