Land Conservation: Conservation Easement Valuation

Staff Attorney Katie Hill (neé Sheehan) worked with an advisory committee of conservation professionals to develop a guidebook to assist tax assessors in valuing conservation easements.

A conservation easement is a legally binding agreement between a property owner and a governmental body or a land trust that restricts the type and amount of development and use that may take place on the property.

Conservation easements can be an effective complement to government acquisition programs and the regulation of uses to protect environmentally sensitive land. In 1992 the Georgia legislature passed the Uniform Conservation Easement Act, which authorizes and promotes the use of conservation easements in Georgia.

Valuing Conservation Easements: A Guide for Georgia Tax Assessors, Katie Sheehan, Laurie Fowler, Ed., August 2012, rev. 2014. Funds for this project were provided by the Urban and Community Forestry Grant Program administered by the Georgia Forestry Commission.

A conservation easement covering a 100-acre tract on the Toccoa River protects habitat in the Toccoa River watershed, a high biodiversity area that harbors 69 species of special concern. © Georgia Conservancy