Reservoirs in Georgia

One of the first projects of the River Basin Center was a white paper that discussed one of the state’s most pressing water resource issues: meeting water supply needs for now and for the future. Directed at Georgia’s water supply decision makers and stakeholders in that process, the paper provided an overview of the number of reservoirs in the state, reservoir impacts on services provided by free-flowing streams and rivers, and water supply planning approaches that could meet future water needs while minimizing those impacts.

Reservoirs in Georgia: Meeting Water Supply Needs While Minimizing Impacts, May 2002, Gail Cowie, editor; Mary Davis, Skelly Holmbeck-Pelham, Bud Freeman, Mary Freeman, Kathy Hatcher, Rhett Jackson, Alice Miller Keyes, Mike Merrill, Judy Meyer, Ellen Sutherland, Seth Wenger.

Lake Hartwell