The Second Symposium on Urban Stream Ecology (SUSE2)

An international conference to advance the scientific understanding of urban streams

Many streams in heavily developed areas suffer from “urban stream syndrome”—a term encompassing a host of problems including pollution, bank erosion due to high speed storm runoff, and the exclusion of natural detritus such as leaves and twigs to serve as the basis of the stream food web. The urban stream syndrome was described at the first Symposium on Urban Stream Ecology, held in Australia in 2003. That meeting resulted in several publications that summarized the state of scientific understanding about urban streams and identified knowledge important gaps.

In 2008, Seth Wenger, at that time a postdoctoral associate with the RBC, led a group of aquatic ecologists in organizing a second international meeting—SUSE2—to plan and coordinate an urban stream research agenda.

May 23-24, 2008, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

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