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The River Basin Center connects freshwater science to management and policy. Although affiliated with the Odum School of Ecology, it is known for an interdisciplinary approach; its members are drawn from units across the University of Georgia.

River Basin Center faculty, staff and students work on aquatic management issues around the globe, but the center maintains an emphasis on the southeastern US.

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A man kneels next to green water.
Aquatic entomologist and River Basin Center affiliate Darold Batzer and other researchers from the Department of Entomology in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences have spent their careers discovering how factors like climate change, pollution and urbanization impact insects. Uncovering changes to the well-being of insects provides clues to the drivers
All scientific research is collaborative, but this group of River Basin Center affiliates exemplified why interdisciplinary work is so important- with compelling results for freshwater policy. The Odum School of Ecology’s Rosemond Lab teamed up with policy experts to evaluate the efficacy of policies to reduce nutrient pollution.

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However, RBC members have offices across the University of Georgia campus.

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