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Learn about the River Basin Center

The River Basin Center connects freshwater science to management and policy. Although affiliated with the Odum School of Ecology, it is known for an interdisciplinary approach; its members are drawn from units across the University of Georgia.

River Basin Center faculty, staff and students work on aquatic management issues around the globe, but the center maintains an emphasis on the southeastern US.

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A man standing in front of a river holding a sturgeon.
For Marty Hamel, fishing isn’t just a hobby, or even a sport. It’s how he collects data for his research projects. The subjects of his research range from huge sturgeon to almost microscopic ear stones.
A man at a desk with bones around him
RBC affiliate Dr. Jeb Byers was among five faculty members to be named Distinguished Research Professors this year.
Four RBC graduate students were among the thirteen students selected to receive the awards for their excellence. Carolyn Cummins received an Excellence in Teaching Award. Nate Tomczyk received an Excellence in Research Award. Alyssa Quan and Cydney Seigerman both received Engaged Scholarship Awards.

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Due to Covid, please contact with questions instead of calling the front desk.

Front desk: 706-583-0463

Our location:
203 D. W. Brooks Drive, Athens, GA 30602
However, RBC members have offices across the University of Georgia campus.

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