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Hamel Brings Creative Solutions to Fish Research
People are altering the decomposition rates in waterways
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Save The Date! 

The 2025 Georgia Water Resources Conference will be held from March 25-26 at the Georgia Center for Continuing Education. 

Learn about the River Basin Center

The River Basin Center connects freshwater science to management and policy. Although affiliated with the Odum School of Ecology, we are known for an interdisciplinary approach; our members are drawn from units across the University of Georgia.

River Basin Center faculty, staff and students work on aquatic management issues around the globe, but the center maintains an emphasis on the southeastern US.

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Recent News

John Spencer Grant recipient and National Geographic Explorer Anuja Mital works to understand how turtles move across the dynamic Brahmaputra River valley.
Multiple RBC affiliates, along with Director Seth Wenger and Associate Director Krista Capps, recently published a paper on the effects of urbanization along I-85, as well as suggestions for the continued water management of one of the United States' most vital interstate arteries.
A new study co-authored by RBC Associate Director Krista Capps and Affiliate J.P. Schmidt gathered data from 550 rivers across 40 countries and found that human intervention increases the rate of decomposition of plant matter, depriving freshwater life of food at a faster rate than usual, as well as potentially exacerbating climate

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203 D. W. Brooks Drive, Athens, GA 30602

RBC members and affiliates are based through the University of Georgia campus.

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