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A backbone of bugs: The tiny drivers of freshwater ecology

Aquatic entomologist and River Basin Center affiliate Darold Batzer and other researchers from the Department of Entomology in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences have spent their careers discovering how factors like climate change, pollution and urbanization impact insects. Uncovering changes to the well-being of insects provides clues to the drivers behind changes in entire ecosystems.

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RBC affiliates team up to explore federal freshwater policy

All scientific research is collaborative, but this group of River Basin Center affiliates exemplified why interdisciplinary work is so important- with compelling results for freshwater policy. The Odum School of Ecology’s Rosemond Lab teamed up with policy experts to evaluate the efficacy of policies to reduce nutrient pollution.

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Vallury awarded interdisciplinary ‘pre-seed’ grant

A team of researchers helmed by Sechindra Vallury was awarded a pre-seed grant by the UGA Office of Research and the Office of the Provost. Other team members include affiliates Donald Nelson of the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, Emily Bell, of the School of Public and International Affairs, John Schmidt from Odum, and Daniel Markewitz of the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources.

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Wilde awarded 2023 Creative Research Medal

Affiliate Susan Wilde was awarded a Creative Research medal. The university established the Creative Research Medals in 1980 to recognize a distinct and exceptional research or creative project, performed by a mid-career faculty member, with extraordinary impact and significance to the field of study.

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A collection of collections: The expansive world of the Georgia Natural History Museum

The Georgia Natural History Museum is a hidden wonder on the University of Georgia’s campus. While driving on East Campus Road, you may have spotted the signature great white shark replica adorning the side of its home. But did you know what treasures of the natural world lie inside that small brick building?

Spread across campus and to a remote location on Atlanta Highway, the museum has collections upon collections of geologic samples, preserved plants, taxidermic animals, specimen jars and more.

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