Laurie Fowler
Director for Policy, River Basin Center
Executive Director for Public Service and External Affairs, Odum School of Ecology
Clinical faculty, School of Law
(706) 583-0463

Seth Wenger
Director for Science, River Basin Center
Assistant Professor, Odum School of Ecology
(706) 542-1778

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Faculty of the RBC

Regular and adjunct faculty from any UGA unit may apply to serve as a member of the Faculty of the River Basin Center; please see this page for more information. A subset of the faculty serve on the RBC Advisory Board. Current Advisory Board members include Brian Bledsoe, John Drake, John Gittleman (ex officio), Kevin Kirsche, David Leigh, Marguerite Madden, Jeff Mullen, Don Nelson, David Radcliffe, Todd Rasmussen, Mark Risse, Amy Rosemond, David Stooksbury, and Christian Turner.



One of the core missions of the River Basin Center is to provide training for future aquatic resource professionals.  In addition to the students in the Wenger, Freeman, and Fowler labs, the RBC includes many student affiliates.  For more information on student opportunities or to apply for affiliate status, please see the Student Opportunities page.