Policy Symposium & Celebration Schedule

You can download a full program, including author bios, here.

Anyone in town by Sept. 15 is invited to attend a screening of Okefenokee Destiny, a 14-minute PBS EcoSense for Living documentary that explores important conservation questions about the wetland. The 4 p.m. showing will be held in Warnell Building 1, Room 304, and will be followed by a Q&A with Warnell’s Rhett Jackson about the future of North America’s largest intact blackwater wetland.

Then, stop by Little Kings, 223 W Hancock Ave., Athens between 6 and 8 p.m. for an informal gathering.

Policy Symposium & Celebration Schedule, updated Sunday Sept. 11, 2022

Friday, September 16 – Advancing Equity in Water Policy

Day One will take place at the Delta Innovation Hub, 210 Spring St., Athens. Parking is available for $10 at the North Campus Parking Deck, located on South Jackson Street. North Campus Parking Deck is situated nearby to Bishop, and close to Thomas Street South. A map is linked and pictured below.

8:30. Welcome from deans 

8:50. Overview and logistics

9:00. “One Water: Operationalizing Equity in Water Management and Protection.” Dr. Na’Taki Osborne Jelks, Spelman College

10:00. Break

10:15. “Reforms without transformation: How incumbent regimes survive change.” Dr. Linda Mendez-Barrientos, University of Denver (virtual)

11:00. “Advancing Racial Equity & Conservation in Coastal Georgia.” Josiah Watts, One Hundred Miles

11:45. Lunch, RBC Special Appreciation Awards, and Acknowledgement of Jim Hooks

1:00. Address by Laurie Fowler

2:00. Break

2:15. The Ethics of Advocacy (Session for 1 ethics CLE credit).

Speakers: John Sheesley, “Working With Government Attorneys: An Ethics Perspective,” US Environmental Protection Agency. Hal Robison, “Ethical Considerations for Attorneys of Charitable (Nonprofit) Organizations and Attorneys Interacting With Nonprofit Organizations,” Georgia Alabama Land Trust.

3:30. Break

3:45. Using Infrastructure Projects to Advance Equity—projects at UGA.

Speakers: Don Nelson, “Advancing Equity with Natural Infrastructure.” Cydney Seigerman, “Toward Equity Across the Infrastructure Lifecycle in Ceará, Northeast Brazil.” Haley Selsor, “Recognizing Flood Risk Inequities Across Flood Frequencies.” Marshall Shepherd, “Racialized Heat Islands.”

4:45. Networking and Social

Saturday, September 17 – The Future of the Environmental Practicum at UGA

Day Two will take place in the auditorium of the Ecology Building, 140 E Green St, Athens, GA 30602, on South Campus. There is free adjacent parking accessible on Green Street off of East Campus Road. A map is linked and pictured below.

9:00. Background and goals for the day

9:15. Panel and Discussion: What was valuable about the Environmental Practicum?

Panelists: Paula Marcinek, Bianca Jaikaran, Katie Hill

9:45. Breakout Groups 1: The Most Valuable Aspects of the Practicum

10:15. Report-Outs

10:30. Break

10:40. Panel: Alternative Models for Future Practicum-Type Courses

Panelists: Seth Wenger, Adam Orford, Tim Carter

11:00. Next Steps for the Practicum

11:15. Breakout Groups 2: Beyond the Practicum—Fostering Interdisciplinary Alumni Engagement and Mentoring

11:45. Report-Outs

12:15. Wrap-up, thank you, and plans for follow-up