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Krista Capps

Associate Director
River Basin Center
Assistant Professor, Odum School of Ecology and Savannah River Ecology Laboratory

  • (706) 542-9673

Dr. Capps’s research is dedicated to understanding how anthropogenic activities alter community structure and ecosystem processes (e.g., productivity, decomposition, and biogeochemical cycling) in freshwater ecosystems. Much of her research has focused on the impacts of consumers on basal food resources, community structure, and nutrient dynamics in streams and wetlands. Dr. Capps and members of her lab attempt to view their work through a social-ecological lens, acknowledging the powerful impacts that public policy and economic considerations can have on the quality and quantity of freshwater resources, the abundance and diversity of aquatic organisms, and the function of freshwater ecosystems. In an attempt to translate scientific knowledge to actionable outcomes, they actively work with community groups and local/state/federal employees to develop programs that integrate stakeholder concerns into research planning.


Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 2012, Cornell University;

M.S. in Environmental Science, Indiana University;

B.S. in Biology and Political Science, Hope College​