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On Stream Warming and Food Chains: RBC Undergraduates present at UGA CURO Symposium

Ally Whiteis, wearing a black blouse and black and white checkered pants, poses with her arm around Olivia Allen, who wears a navy diamond patterned dress in front of their posters.

Olivia Allen and Ally Whiteis, undergraduate students in the Odum School of Ecology (and working with doctoral students Nathan Tomczyk and Carolyn Cummins) presented their research results at the UGA CURO symposium on April 4th. Both students found that stream organisms and food resources changed due to streamwater warming.  Their experiments ranged from field measurements […]

Precision Conservation of Imperiled Species

A tiny, rainbow-finned fish lives in the swiftly flowing waters of Georgia’s Etowah River. Known as the Etowah darter (Etheostoma etowahae), it exists only in the Etowah River Basin, mainly inhabiting the mountain streams of North Georgia. The Etowah darter is only one example of the diverse array of freshwater fish, amphibians, crawfish and mussels […]

Stream Crossings in Georgia: A Handbook for Connectivity and Resilience

As you drive the winding roads of Georgia, it’s a common occurrence to sail over a culvert or bridge and get a brief glimpse of a stream burbling away into the overgrowth before you’re whisked on to new views. These intersections of infrastructure and nature are so commonplace that we hardly think about them. However, […]

New position available: Communications Coordinator

This position will serve as public relations professional for the Odum School of Ecology (OSE) while assisting in communications for the UGA River Basin Center (RBC). For the OSE, the employee will produce written, visual and multimedia content to tell the Odum School story, including press releases, features, and social media posts about Odum research, teaching, outreach, events, […]

RBC researcher Dr. Rod Lammers builds on stream restoration crediting programs

Writer: Cammie Caldwell Contact: Dr. Roderick Lammers; The United States and the nation’s streams and rivers have an uneasy history: we need clean water to drink, to irrigate our agriculture, and for industry—not to mention the myriad of other species that rely on freshwater resources to survive—but increasing pollution, nutrient overloads, which can cause algal blooms and […]

Call for proposals: John Spencer Research Grants Program!

We are now accepting proposals from graduate students for the 2022 John Spencer Research Grants program! The UGA River Basin Center announces the 2022 call for proposals for John Spencer Research Grants to graduate students. This program was initiated in 2017 with a contribution from Kathleen Amos in honor of her son, former RBC master’s […]

Finding Water in the Desert

Dr. Adam Milewski, an affiliate with the River Basin Center at the University of Georgia and an Associate Professor and Associate Department Head in the Department of Geology, is helping to tackle this issue by researching the best way to locate groundwater recharge in arid regions in the southwestern United States and in several Middle Eastern countries including Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.

Supporting Policy in the Face of Sea Level Rise

Katie Hill, an affiliate of UGA’s River Basin Center and research professional in the Planning and Environmental Services unit at the Carl Vinson Institute of Government at the University of Georgia is investigating how communities can adapt to sea level rise and climate change challenges.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers partners with University of Georgia to form the Network for Engineering With Nature

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and University of Georgia (UGA) recently announced a partnership that connects the interdisciplinary expertise of UGA’s Institute for Resilient Infrastructure Systems (IRIS), with the vast on-the-ground experience of USACE’s Engineering With Nature® (EWN®) Initiative to form the Network for Engineering With Nature (N-EWN). Through this partnership and a […]