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Capps featured in UGA Today

Professor Krista Capps searches through leaf-litter for macro-invertebrates in Tanyard Creek.

Early last month, UGA Today featured RBC affiliate Krista Capps, highlighting her career and current work on aging water infrastructure and the impact of land use changes on water quality.

The article, written by Beth Gavrilles, opens:

“Krista Capps can point to the exact moment when she became a stream ecologist.

‘As an undergraduate, I majored in biology and political science, and I thought I was going to be an environmental lawyer,” she said. “And then I took a field class on world religions in India, and a river trip on the Ganges changed everything. Afterwards, I knew I wanted to work with fresh water for the rest of my life.'”

Capps holds a joint appointment at Odum School of Ecology and the Savannah River Lab. To learn more about her research, read the full story here.