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Q&A with RBC intern Carissa Bogan

Portrait of a person in a blue shirt, with greenery visible in the background.

Meet Carissa Bogan, the River Basin Center’s fall 2023 communications intern.

How’d you become interested in ecology? Why freshwater specifically?

I only recently became interested in the field of ecology. I was struggling to figure out what career path I wanted to take, and all I knew was that I really liked plants, animals and getting my hands dirty. I initially began college thinking I would end up with something more agricultural or animal based, but once I learned how amazing and complex water ecosystems can be, I knew which way to head. Unfortunately, I am also extremely scared of the ocean which knocks out a great deal of water ecology. I’m keeping my head above sea level and sticking with the more inland water systems!

What are you hoping to accomplish or learn in your role at the RBC?

To further my pre-existing skills and gain new knowledge on freshwater ecosystems and how research is conducted and produced. I hope to find ways to put my skills to use for the betterment of the planet.

Where’d you grow up?

I have lived in Georgia my whole life and moved to Athens from Newnan three years ago!

When you’re not in class you’re:

I’m either hanging out with my dog, or cooking/baking. My best friend is my rescue pitbull, who’s by my side every minute when I’m not in class or taking care of my multitude of houseplants.

A movie or tv show you could rewatch over and over:

The Harry Potter series! I really enjoy fantasy and sci-fi, and I watch the entire series every year between Halloween and Christmas as a tradition.